How To Put Toyota Tundra In 4-Wheel Drive

Putting your Toyota Tundra in a 4-wheel drive is essential for tackling challenging off-road conditions and enhancing traction when driving on slippery surfaces. Comprehending how to engage the 4-wheel drive system will give you better control of your vehicle and help you easily navigate diverse terrains.

However, to engage 4-wheel drive in a Toyota vehicle, usually, you will usually need to shift the transfer case lever or press a button to switch between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.
Follow these step-by-step instructions to properly put your Toyota in 4-wheel drive mode.

Ensure the Vehicle is Stopped or Moving Slowly

Make sure your Toyota Tundra has stopped or slowed down before engaging 4WD.

Locate the 4WD Selector Button or Lever

The location of the 4WD selector will vary depending on the model year of your Toyota Tundra. On newer models, this is usually a knob or button located on the dash or center console. In the old model, there will be a lever on the floor.

Understand the 4WD Modes

Toyota Tundra often have different 4WD modes such as 2H (2WD High), 4H (4WD High), and 4L (4WD Low). Make sure you understand the purpose of each type.

Engage 4WD

To activate the 4-wheel drive, you typically turn the 4WD selector dial to the appropriate mode. For general riding that requires extra traction or stability, you can choose 4H. For more racing or heavy loads, you may want to opt for the 4L for low-range 4-wheel drive.

Check the Indicator Lights

After activating the four-wheel drive, check for an indicator light on the dash to confirm that the system is initialised. Some Toyota Tundra’s have a four-wheel drive indicator light that illuminates when four-wheel drive is available.

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Drive Safely

Drive your Toyota Tundra carefully when driving in 4-wheel drive, especially when you switch from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive. Take the time to learn how your car operates in four-wheel drive, especially on different road surfaces.

Disengage 4WD

When you don’t need 4WD, turn the 4WD selector back to 2H to return to 2WD mode. To prevent damage to the drive shafts, be sure to remove all drive wheels before driving on dry roads.


Mastering the process of putting your Toyota Tundra in 4-wheel drive is crucial for optimizing your driving experience in various road conditions. Be sure to check your Toyota Tundra owner’s manual for specific instructions on engaging and disengaging all drive wheels as the procedure may vary slightly depending on your vehicle, model year, and trim level.


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