What Brand of Oil Does Toyota Use?

When choosing motor oil for your Toyota vehicle, buying one of excellent quality is essential. Good quality oil assures you of appropriate lubrication, hence decreasing friction and averting the extreme wear of the engine parts. It also shields the engine against corrosion and keeps it clean by preventing it from getting clogged up with dirt.  … Read more

What is the Smallest Toyota?

Small cars from Toyota are usually available at reasonable prices. Therefore, they typically appeal to students and those in the market for an affordable runabout. They’re pretty popular in the USA due to their inexpensive cost, dependability, and safety ratings. Toyota’s small cars are generally comfort-focused and come with an impressive number of factory-fitted features. … Read more

What is the Problem with Toyota Cars?

Are you planning or did you recently purchase a new Toyota vehicle, and are you wondering what the problems associated with the brand are? Well, you are at the right place. This article has everything you need to know about the issues you might face as a Toyota car owner. What is the Problem with … Read more

How Many Seats Does a Toyota Highlander have?

The Toyota Highlander was introduced in 2001 as the fifth model in Toyota’s SUV listings. The Highlander is an early model of a car-like SUV. It is an SUV with a frame based on a car platform rather than a truck. Therefore, it is often considered a suitable crossover SUV for many passengers or large … Read more

How Does Toyota TEMS Work?

Toyota developed and used TEMS (Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension) exclusively for a few products between the 1980s and 1990s. TEMS is an electronically controlled shock absorber (Continuous Damping Control) based on various factors. On most of Toyota’s products marketed abroad, the semi-active suspension technology was extensively used on the luxury and top sport trim packages. … Read more

Which Car Is Better Honda Or Toyota?

Why choose between a Honda and Toyota when you can buy the two? Well, this is not a smart move, except you are playing the status game or have a need for two cars at the same time. So how do you know which car is better, Honda or Toyota?  Now it’s true that both … Read more

Does Toyota own Lexus? Who Manufactures It?

Lexus is so much desired because of its sleek design, quality performance, among other luxury features. In terms of overall performance, this Toyota upscale can compete toe to toe against other luxurious car marques like Benz, Audi, and BMW.  If you want to find out about the origin of Lexus, this post contains the answer … Read more

Where Is The Toyota Rav4 Made?

Die-hard Toyota fans will argue that the Rav-4 model is a woman’s car; whether this is true or not, it is glaring that the difference between the first Rav-4 generation and the latest one is like that of night and day. While the old Rav-4 models were better suited for the female gender, the automobile … Read more

How Do Air Shocks Work?

Sure, there is a lot of talk about air shocks and their relevance in the air suspension system. But how exactly do air shocks work?  This article discusses how an air shock improves your vehicle’s feel. So, if you want to learn about it, hang in there and read till the end.  Other things discussed … Read more