What Is B Gear In Toyota?

In a Toyota vehicle, B gear refers to the ‘’engine braking’’ or ‘’low gear’’ mode that is found in the automatic transmission. When you shift the transmission into the B gear, it enables the engine to provide more braking power when descending steep inclines or when you need to slow down without using the brakes excessively.

Here is a detailed explanation of what B gear does in a Toyota vehicle.

What B gear does in Toyota vehicles

1.    Engine Braking

When you shift into B gear, the transmission will downshift to a lower gear, allowing the engine to rev higher and generate more resistance against the vehicle’s forward motion. This extra protection helps the car slow down without having to stop hard and provides greater control when going downhill.

2.    Hill Descent Control

B gear is for hill control, especially when driving downhill. When gear is shifted into B, the engine braking will help prevent the vehicle from overheating, thus reducing the need for brakes alone and the possibility of braking or overheating.

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3.    Towing and Hauling

When towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads, using B gear can help control extra weight and provide extra braking assistance. The engine braking effect reduces strain on the brakes, improving overall braking performance and prolonging brake life.

4.    Performance Enhancement

In some situations, shifting to B can improve the vehicle’s speed by increasing engine speed for quicker response. This is useful when entering the highway or passing or passing vehicles at speed.

It’s important to note that the B gear function may vary slightly depending on the specific Toyota model and transmission type. Some Toyota vehicles may have a dedicated B gear position on the shift lever, while others may offer a similar engine braking effect through dedicated driving modes or selectable gear ranges.


The B-gear function in Toyota cars is a multi-purpose tool that improves drivability, performance and efficiency in a variety of situations. Whether navigating steep descents, towing heavy loads, or seeking improved acceleration, shifting into B gear can provide drivers with added confidence and assistance.


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