How To Open Toyota Sienna Gas Tank

Opening the gas tank on a Toyota Sienna is a simple process that involves locating the fuel door release lever inside the vehicle and then accessing the fuel door from the exterior.

By following the steps outlined below, you can easily open the gas tank on your Toyota Sienna.

Park the Vehicle

Make sure your car is parked in a safe place and the engine is off.

Locate the Fuel Door Release Lever

Inside the vehicle, typically on the driver’s side, there will be a lever or button on the car that releases the fuel door. On the Toyota Sienna, this control is usually located near the floor on the driver’s door panel.

Activate the Fuel Door Release Lever

Pull the fuel cap release lever to open the fuel cap. You should hear a click or see the gas door open slightly.

Open Fuel Door

Exit the car and look for the fuel cap on the outside of the car, usually on the side where the fuel cap is located. Gently push or pull to open the fuel cap.


Refuel your car

Place the fuel pump in the open tank and add the required fuel. Be careful not to overfill the water tank. After refuelling, close the tank tightly to the tank.

Close the Fuel Cap

Gently push the fuel cap in until it clicks into place and close it. Make sure the fuel cap is securely closed before driving.


By following the steps outlined above, you can easily open the fuel cap of your Toyota Sienna and access the tank to refuel. Remember to handle fuel carefully to avoid spillage and securely close the fuel cap after refuelling to prevent any issues.


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