To access the engine compartment and perform maintenance or checks on your Toyota Corolla 2021, you will need to open the hood.

Here’s a detailed guide on the process you can take to open the hood of a Toyota Corolla 2021.

  • Make sure the car is parked on a level surface and the engine is off.


  • Locate the hood release handle inside the car. In the Toyota Corolla 2021, the hood release lever is usually located on the driver’s side, near the kick panel or on the left side of the dashboard.


  • Pull the hood release handle to release the hood latch.


  • Get out of the car and look for the hood latch beneath the front of the hood.

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  • Lift the hood slightly and locate the hood release lever. Push or slide the handle to the side to release the second hood latch.


  • Lift the hood completely and secure it with the hood support rod.


  • Your Toyota Corolla 2021’s hood should now be open and ready for any maintenance or inspection you need to perform.


Opening the hood of a Toyota Corolla 2021 is a straightforward process that involves locating and activating the hood release lever inside the vehicle, and then releasing the secondary hood latch under the hood itself. By following these steps mentioned earlier, you can access the engine compartment of your Toyota Corolla safely and easily check for maintenance or checks. Remember always to secure the hood properly before working on your vehicle to ensure your safety and prevent any accidents.

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