Why Is Nissan Murano’s Towing Capacity So Low?

The towing capacity of the Nissan Murano appears to be relatively low compared to some other SUVs in its class. Despite being a popular choice in the crossover SUV market, the Nissan Murano’s towing capacity may raise some questions for those seeking a vehicle for towing purposes.

In this article, we’ll explore the various design factors that influence the low towing capacity of Nissan Murano.

Some Reasons Why The Nissan Murano’s Towing Capacity Is Low


Design Emphasis on Comfort and Performance

Nissan Murano was designed as a compact and stylish crossover SUV focusing on features like a spacious interior, smooth ride quality, and fuel efficiency. As a result, the focus is not maximizing towing capacity, which could affect other aspects of the vehicle’s performance.

Engine and Powertrain Configuration

The Nissan Murano is generally equipped with a V6 engine that provides a balance of power and fuel efficiency for everyday driving. While capable of handling daily driving needs, the engine is not optimized for heavy-duty hauling duties, leading to a lower towing capacity compared to SUVs with larger, more powerful engines.

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Suspension and Chassis Design

The Nissan Murano’s suspension and chassis design is tuned for comfort and on-road handling rather than heavy towing loads. To ensure a smooth and stable ride, the suspension and chassis may not be able to support the additional weight and stresses associated with towing heavy loads.

Transmission and Cooling System

The transmission and cooling systems in the Nissan Murano are designed to handle the vehicle’s intended driving conditions and power outputs. Towing heavy objects puts additional stress on these systems, this can cause overheating issues or premature wear if the vehicle exceeds its towing capacity.


The Nissan Murano’s lower towing capacity compared to some other SUVs can be attributed to a combination of design choices that prioritize comfort, performance, and fuel efficiency over heavy towing capabilities. While the Murano excels in providing a comfortable and stylish driving experience, it may not be the ideal choice for those requiring high towing capacities. By understanding these factors, consumers can make informed decisions when selecting a vehicle that suits their specific needs.



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