What Does The Hold Button Do On A Toyota RAV4

The Hold button on a Toyota RAV4 is usually found on models equipped with an electronic parking brake.  When the hold button is activated, it will hold the vehicle in place without having to continuously press the brake pedal.

This is useful in situations such as stop-and-go traffic or waiting at a traffic light, as it allows the driver to keep the vehicle stationary without the need to keep their foot on the brake pedal.

Here is a detailed explanation of what the Hold button does.

  • Hill Start Assist

One of the main functions of the clutch button is to assist the driver at the start of a hill. When the vehicle stops on a hill, the driver presses the button to hold down the electric brake to prevent the vehicle from rolling back before accelerating. This will help reduce the risk of your vehicle backing up or stalling on a hill.

  • Stop-and-go Traffic

In serious situations where frequent stops are unavoidable, the hold button can be used to temporarily hold the vehicle without pressing the brake pedal. This helps reduce fatigue and makes driving in traffic less stressful.


  • Parking Assistance

The hold button can also be used while parking. It allows the driver to hold the vehicle in place with the electric brake pedal, making it easier to navigate tight parking spaces or difficult terrain.

  • Safety Features

The hold button is a safety feature that helps prevent the vehicle from rolling away unexpectedly when stopped. By activating electronic parking, the vehicle remains neutral until the driver is ready to continue driving.


The Hold button on a Toyota RAV4 is a useful feature that enhances convenience, safety, and comfort when driving in Stop-and-go traffic or on inclines. By automatically holding the brakes when the vehicles come to a stop, the Hold button helps reduce the driver’s fatigue, improves safety, and adds a touch of modern technology to the driving experience. Drivers of the Toyota RAV4 model equipped with this feature can confidently navigate traffic and stop on inclines without the need to continuously press the brake pedal.


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