What Brand of Oil Does Toyota Use?

When choosing motor oil for your Toyota vehicle, buying one of excellent quality is essential.

Good quality oil assures you of appropriate lubrication, hence decreasing friction and averting the extreme wear of the engine parts. It also shields the engine against corrosion and keeps it clean by preventing it from getting clogged up with dirt. 

What Brand of Oil Does Toyota Use?

A wide range of oils is available in the market, but the recommended ones for Toyota are the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, made explicitly for Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Your Toyota engine needs the trusted protection of natural motor oil to continue performing at its best. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) provides you with reliable engine efficiency irrespective of challenging conditions and acts as the only engine lubricant that best matches your engine’s needs.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) is the only engine lubricant that has been designed specifically with your car in mind. Unlike other brands, TGMO lubricants are tested and developed extensively in Toyota to ensure they are the best possible match for your engine’s needs, irrespective of your car’s model.

The range offers a wide variety of products spanning Synthetic and Mineral Oils and other types to keep you ahead on the road.

Synthetic Oils

TGMO 5W-30 SP Full Synthetic

Description: Fully synthetic oil for Gasoline engine up to 10,000 KM Features: The highest performance API specification with SP standard High engine durability, high wear resistance Clean engine through sludge-free operation Improved acceleration performance Excellent cold start capability Maintain high power & performance

Diesel 5W-40 CF Synthetic Engine Oil

Fully synthetic oil for diesel engines up to 10,000 km Provides maximum engine performance Excellent engine protection Longer life guarantee for Toyota diesel engines.

Toyota V

Mineral Oils

TGMO 20W-50 SL

Description: Mineral oil for gasoline engines up to 5,000 km Features: Great durability at high temperature Better fuel efficiency & oil degradation performance Enhance the stability of oxidation, detergent & hence keep the engine clean Prolongs engine life & improve running efficiency Maintain power & performance

TGMO 20W-50 SJ

Mineral oil for gasoline engines up to 3,000 km. Excellent durability at high temperatures. Good oxidation & thermal stability. Provide reasonable control of deposits, rust, wear & bearing corrosion. Prolongs engine life & improve running efficiency, maintains power & performance.

TGMO 15W-40 CI-4

Mineral oil for diesel engines up to 5,000 km. High protection for diesel engines of all kinds. It Withstands high-temperature operating conditions and is wear-resistant. Extends engine life and improves operating efficiency. Ensure the best engine performance under various operating conditions.

TGMO 20W-50 CF

Mineral oil for diesel engines up to 3,000 km. High protection for diesel engines of all kinds. Good oxidation and thermal stability. Maintain strength and performance. Prevents sediment, rust, and corrosion.

Special Oils

Gear oil 85W-90

Gear oil 85W-90 with the highest specification GL-5. Gear oil that offers the best heat resistance and is used for transfer & differential. Sufficient oil film strength & extreme pressure properties. Great durability at high temperature & restrain sludge.

Gear oil 80W-90

Gear oil 80W-90 with the highest specification GL-4. Multi-grade manual transmission gear oil that suits different operating conditions. Ensure smooth & positive shifting under severe working conditions—excellent protection against premature wear & tear of all moving parts.


Fully synthetic transmission fluid for cars with automatic transmissions. Excellent lubricating properties for quiet operation and smooth gear shifting. Controllable friction properties for smooth and efficient power transfer across all normal temperature ranges. It helps extend transmission life based on excellent wear control. Long liquid life based on excellent oxidation resistance. Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.


Fully synthetic transmission fluid for vehicles with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The excellent technical specifications of this product ensure proper operation of the continuously variable transmission in various operating modes. Stable performance over a wide temperature range. Proper operation of the variable speed-type transmission on multiple types of operational modes. Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability for long fluid life.

Coolant Liquid

A unique, high-quality formula designed explicitly for Toyota engines. High cooling capacity under various temperatures. Maintains engine cooling circuit parts and improves operating efficiency. Ensure maximum engine cooling under severe operating conditions. Complete protection against rust, corrosion, and deposits in the internal components of the engine and cooling system. Toyota Genuine Long-Life Coolant / Antifreeze is a new generation of coolant.

Why Should You Use TGMO products?

  • Prevents engine overheating 
  • Cools the engine by absorbing heat 
  • Improves engine performance 
  • Reduces energy loss 
  • It prevents piston rings from sticking
  • Keeps the engine clean
  • Prevents the formation of neutralized acids such as rusts


Motor oils are essential products required for any car engine’s full and proper functioning. To avoid purchasing products unsuitable for your Toyota vehicle engine, it is advised to use the special oils made by Toyota for Toyota vehicles. 


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