How To Get Toyota Trueno FH4

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex is a legendary car that has gained fame in culture by appearing in Japanese Manga and Anime series, especially initial D. It is the most popular car among drifting enthusiasts and fans of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) vehicles. Known for its deep body, good performance and all-wheel drive configuration, the Toyota Trueno is the best choice for those looking to tune and drift in the virtual world of FH4.

However, obtaining the Toyota Trueno in FH4 can be a bit tricky due to licensing issues, which prevent Toyota cars from being readily available in the game.

Where to find Toyota Trueno FH4

The Toyota Trueno can often be found in the auction house in FH4, where players can bid on and purchase the cars listed there. However, Toyota cars are rare in FH4 due to licensing restrictions, so finding a Toyota Trueno at auction will require patience and perseverance.

Players also sometimes encounter Toyota Trueno in Forzathon events, seasonal events, or special in-game promotions.

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Alternatively, players can search for Toyota Trueno in FH4 via Car Mastery or the Festival Playlist; where there will be a reward for completing certain races or events. Some players can also win a Toyota Trueno through the Wheel Spin feature, which allows them to spin the wheel for a chance to win more cars, including rare or sought-after cars like the Toyota Trueno.


Getting the Toyota in Forza Horizon 4 will require a combination of luck, patience, and participation in various in-game events and activities. For a chance to add an iconic car to your FH4- badged ride, check out deals to pick up a Toyota Trueno from the Auction House, Forzathon events, seasonal events, holiday giveaways, or wheelspins.


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