How To Turn On RCD Toyota Camry 2018

The RCD (Radio and CD Player) in a Toyota Camry 2018 provides entertainment and audio features that enhance the driving experience. Turning on the RCD system allows drivers and passengers to enjoy music, radio stations, and CDs while on the road. Knowing how to activate the RCD system is essential for accessing these features and enjoying a personalized audio experience in the vehicle.

Follow these steps to activate the RCD (radio and CD player) in your Toyota Camry 2018.

  • Locate the power button on your 2018 Toyota Camry radio or audio system. The power button is usually located on the main control panel of the audio system.


  • Press the power button to activate the RCD system. This activates the system’s radio and CD player functions.


  • Use the volume control knob or buttons on the system to adjust the sound to your liking.


  • Use the center button to select radio or CD player mode depending on what you want to listen to.
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  • Tune in to your desired radio station by using the tuning knob or seek buttons on the audio system.


  • If you want to play the CD, insert the CD into the CD player slot and press the play button to start playing the CD.

By following these steps, you can easily turn on the RCD system in your Toyota Camry 2018 and enjoy listening to your favourite music or radio stations while on the road.


It is very easy to turn on the RCD system in your 2018 Toyota Camry. The process involves finding the power button, selecting the desired mode, adjusting the volume, and selecting the radio station or the CD you want to play. By following the steps above, the driver and passengers can easily activate the RCD system and enjoy their favourite music or radio during your trip. Remember to operate the audio system responsibly and prioritize safe driving practices while enjoying the entertainment features of the vehicle.


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